Private and Semiprivate Art Painting Lessons


No two students learn the same way, so when a large group of students is combined in one classroom, not all will benefit from the lesson in the same way. Most art students feel disappointed and confused in a group art class and it’s normal. They simply can’t benefit the teachers’ attention, which is a key factor in order to monitor the learning process.

Private art lessons at Ziba Gallery:

  • Semi-Private art lessons: Private art courses with classes consisting of maximum 4 young students in a same group of age.
  • Private art lesson: students will be having one-to-one art lessons
  • In each class and art lesson, students also gain from the chance to direct their own talent by requesting the subjects they are interested in.
  • The courses contain drawing lessons, painting lessons with watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil paints, mixed media art projects.

The individual attention students receive in each art class, the professional directions from their teacher and the confidence that they gain by seeing the results of their hard work will transform their relationship with the learning process in its best way.

Ziba gallery offers art classes for kids from age of 12 and up and also special customized art lessons for adults. What makes Ziba gallery stand out compared to other art programs is the professional technique of teaching which brings the best result in a short period of time.

Dawn’s philosophy is that everyone is a potential artist. All is needed is the required knowledge, the proper experienced in art mediums and the confidence in using different methods of presentation.

And last but not least all students from the beginner level to the intermediate and the advanced level will have a professional art portfolio by the end of each semester.

To see the impact that a small size art class can have on students, please review our students’ artworks.


dawn6During advanced art class , students will be working on professional ways of pastel, acrylic, watercolor and oil paintings. They will learn important basic photography skills to capture their choice of subjects based on their own artistic vision.
Using the art knowledge and experiences they have in the drawing, painting methods and color theories; they start to create their original art pieces based on their vision and theory.Group and solo exhibitions will be placed to introduce their work to the world and they will be bale to add this experience to their profession online art portfolio upon request.This the moment we proudly say: “ An artist is born”
My Art painting class begins with an introduction to the history of art and drawing back to its origins. Then I continue to teach art to my students in a very special way.
I teach the basic fundamentals that they need but also allow their own creative process to take over.Every student is unique and every talent is unique; their talent needs to flow and manifest from the student alone .I offer a unique learning environment for the beginner to the advanced student in my painting art lessons.

Pouyan Art portfolio

At this stage after learning the basic technical skills in the art of drawing, Theory of color, Meaning of perspective and painting with pastel and acrylic, students will be introduced to watercolor and will practice on how to handle different painting mediums , use of painting tools and art materials.Art students will also be reviewing famous artistic movements.

Studying the history of art by choosing their image references will allow them to have a better vision of what they want to be as an artist and what to follow in the art world.Using the best art references, intermediate students practice their technical skills while they have the freedom to keep their own uniqueness in creativity. All art students will have a hardcopy art portfolio and also have the option to have an online art portfolio upon request.

Elena Portfolio

New art students will learn sketching, drawing, shading and theory of color. Focused on fundamental but very important artistic technical skills and information, our beginner session contains a selection of fun drawing subjects including people, landscape, Animals and cartoons drawing.

Each art lesson draws on several of the basic drawing and painting skills with pastel and acrylic. All art students will start building up their hard copy art portfolio.


What Students say?


Semi-Private Lessons


12 sessions

2 Hours - Up to 4 Student in Each Class in a same group of age.

Private Lessons


12 Sessions

2 Hours One To One -Customized program for each student.



16 Sessions

You will be guided step by step to build your portfolio while you are learning all necessary methods of representing your artistic vision

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