Gazal potfolio

Ghazal Portfolio

Art is what I do. It’s what I’m good at, and just simply what I love.

I started art not knowing even how to draw a simple tree. But now I reach a point that I discovered art doesn’t need talent all it needs is love and potential. And I think that’s what I have. 

I start art at the age of 9, just loving the fact of drawing, but not really knowing how to do it. So one day my mom asked her friend “my teacher” she said” she wants to draw but does she really have potential and talent?” And that’s when it all started. 

I have worked with Acrylics, yet moving on, I am trying water colors, oil painting and many more. I mainly draw views of places. Yet, I’m trying to work on my weakness which is reality, and humanity. 

I have trouble drawing people, but my last painting has got me improved a lot. My main interest and ability in art are views of places. I have drawn views of many countries, such as Italy. While growing through my process of art, I come to a point were art almost comes easy to me.

Art needs a lot of thinking. It’s almost as hard as math. Art is a very hard thing that many people can’t do. And I am very pleased that I was the type of girl that could. All I can say about Art is I love it!