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Using visual art is one of the greatest ways to decrease the daily stress because it is essentially therapeutic. We all need to find some time to give our soul some attention, sit back and relax from all anxieties caused by this new modern speedy lifestyle.Researches show that art, especially Painting can help relieve a lot of emotions, express feelings and helps to relax and become more focused in general.

The level of your talent has nothing to do with the amount of the benefits you receive from doing art paintings. In one word, painting not only balances your energy, but also it is a great asset for all ages and everyone, especially those who are enrolled in gifted or special learning programs.

Our art classes are about learning painting skills while enjoying your time in a cozy atmosphere helping to balance your life. You will receive directions and the knowledge of being a part of a beautiful creation.

Be the creator of your own world.

Painting is fun. It’s just as relaxing as having a coffee,reading your favorite book, listening to the music, chatting with your best friends, hiking, camping under the stars or doing yoga. By painting, you are releasing the stresses with shapes and colors Successful people are those who know how to use all their abilities towards a better moment and a bright tomorrow you might even have an inner Picasso within you and you won’t ever find out until you try!

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Oil Painting Methods
One of the mediums you will experience at Ziba Gallery advanced art lessons is Oil Painting. Oil paints consist of pigment suspended in a binder such as  linseed oil (from flax seeds), poppy seed oil, walnut oil or sunflower oil. These binder substances are natural and non-toxic. Usually, Turpentine and mineral spirits (paint thinner) are used in oil painting mediums, for thinning and for cleaning brushes.

Oil painting can be done on wood panels, sculptures, wall decorations, fabrics and canvases and has a long history in India and Chinese paintings.Since the end of 15th century Canvas became more popular as it is easier to transport, it is more affordable and it allows larger art works.

Since the process of drying on each layer of painting is long, use oil paint only for adult and experienced students who are in Advance level of our program.Based on hazardous solvent using in traditional oil color, a new generation of oil paints has been developed to appear and work just like the traditional one.

The difference of this new oil color is its ability to thin and clean up with water, which makes it safer to paint in different environments from school to your home. By having its oils,  varnishes and mediums you will achieve all oil painting techniques at the end of your artwork.

Water Color Painting MethodWatercolor Painting Methods

Watercolor is another medium we are using in our intermediate lessons of artworks. The pigments in this medium are suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The most traditional way of using watercolor is using it on papers but it can be used on leather , fabric, wood,…

Watercolor (including painting with ink which is referred as brush painting) has mostly been popular and used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese painting.Watercolor has been so popular in book illustration, sketching and architectural drawing since it has the unique ability to summarize, clarify and idealize in full color.

Using watercolor seems easy but to make a presentable watercolor painting you must have enough experience of mixing colors and strong training of how to use and handle your painting brushes.Because of the nature of the watercolor, It can be used as a transparent medium, which creates a unique result for art students to decorate a relaxing area in their home or office.

Acrylic paintingAcrylic Painting Methods

Acrylic is one of the mediums in the art which is very popular and we use in our Beginner and Intermediate art class .Acrylic paint is a permanent fast dryer paint that can be diluted with water before it is dried. Depends on how much the paint is diluted with water, or modified with media, pastels or acrylic gels the result will be different.You can use acrylic paint on almost any surface from papers to fabrics and canvases.

Acrylic is safe to use for artists with latex allergy, as the latex in acrylic is a synthetic polymer that is completely different from latex rubber.Painting with acrylic can resemble a watercolor, oil painting or its mixed characteristic style.

Acrylic paint can be done in a very high-end professional way while are very suitable for beginners and intermediate art students. Acrylic can be seen as a bridge that connects oil painting to watercolor.Art students who are working with acrylic paints and its methods get a better vision of both oil painting and watercolor painting which gives them a clear idea of what to choose based on their interests.

pastel-paintingPastel Painting Methods

Pastel is our famous starter art medium we use in our art class. Art students use Pastel Papers for their projects.The pigments used in pastels are the same as all colored art media and it comes in dry stick, very easy to use for beginner artists.

The most popular pastels are Soft Pastel and Oil Pastel:

1- Soft Pastels: Brighter with higher pigment which requires glass frame or heavy fixative to prevent smudging.

2- Oil Pastels: Buttery, soft and intense colors, won’t get smudgy and in our art class we use Linseed oil to mix and shade them.

There are other pastels such as Pan Pastels (flat compacts like women’s makeup), Hard pastels (used for drawing and fine details , Pastel pencils ( useful for adding fine details)and Water-soluble pastels ( contain a water-soluble component).

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You will be guided step by step to build your portfolio while you are learning all necessary methods of representing your artistic vision