About Dawn


Dawn gained recognition early in her career.  She has been honored as the first place winner of painting & 2 years of scholarship when she was only 16. Dawn presents her artworks and her students’ chosen art pieces by arranging both private and public exhibitions.She has donated numbers of her valued works to MSC Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada , IWOO & Pahlavi Hospital and has been involved closely with her community at the time.

Dawn has been honored the Richmond Hill Mayor’s choice award and recognition and her art piece has been purchased thru Mill Pond Gallery and has placed at the town hall of Richmond Hill city.

Dawn’s childhood interest in art matured into a love of painting and photography and teaching art subjects by her early twenties. Exposure to the French Impression painters such as Claude Monet had a great influence on the young artist, and directed the course of her career early on.

Since 2007 Dawn has turned her attention on Art Portfolio for students who apply for art universities/colleges & art high schools.  Largely a self-taught Artist, Dawn has a passion and joy for discovering answers to the complexities found in the works of art therapy. In recent years she has successfully started  working with students under special learning programs.It is the knowledge & experience and her strong understanding of her students that creates a strong bond which leads to the greatest results.

Art exhebitionDawn marvasti



  • Bachelor of Industrial design, University of Art
  • Diploma of Graphic Design, Motamed Art Institute
  • Certification of Auto Cad Drafting from Academy of Drafting and Design
  • Digital Painting, Brush Strokes Co.


  • Painting on canvas from beginning , Private institute of Art 1989-1994
  • Photography in Black and White, Private institute of Art 1989-1994
  • Design and Decorating, Private institute of Art 1995-1996
  • IIAEM (International Institute for Adult Education Methods) 1996-1998
  • Freelance Artist & Art Teacher, Ziba Gallery  2002-Present
  • Visual Art Teacher , Royal Crest Academy 2011-2013
  • Senior Art Director , DZIGN       2014 – Present
  • Art Portfolio Instructor,Schwartz/Reisman Centre       Since September 2016

Public Exhibition:

  • 1987 MTD Art Gallery
  • 1988 MTD Art Gallery
  • 1989 MTD Art Gallery
  • 1990 MTD Art Gallery
  • 2005 XC Art restoration / Toronto
  • 2007 York Dale /Toronto
  • 2008 Mill Pond Gallery/ Richmond Hill
  • 2011 Boynton house /Richmond Green /Richmond Hill

What Students say?