Art portfolio for College and University



Are you planning to apply or an Art college or University? Then you definitely need a good presentable Art Portfolio to display your abilities and your suitability as a candidate.

By attending our art portfolio classes you will be guided step by step to build your portfolio while you are learning all necessary methods of representing your artistic vision. When your art portfolio is being reviewed, it must fall into these distinct categories:

  • Personal Art which is your finished artwork which has been done outside of a classroom situation in any media, including photography, drawing, painting with watercolor, oil painting, pastel painting, painting with acrylic, mixed media, digital/computer art… to show your unique interests.
  • Observational Art which is drawing or painting in a traditional method using a still life, figure model, portrait or landscape, done in pencil, charcoal, pastel, or other drawing mediums also include painting and collage. In some colleges or university departments you will be asked to participate in their “Home Exam” as well as presenting your art portfolio.

At Ziba Gallery you will learn how to present an exciting and thoughtful process of your experience in art. You will also be able to have an online portfolio to show your strong presence in the new generations of the art world. With your high quality art works, you will present your ability to embrace the process and with your strong presentation, you will secure your portfolio score.

As a young artist you are making one of the most important decisions in your life. Part of being an artist is how to present your work and yourself to the world and in our Portfolio course we will help you to make it happen on its most professional way.


Studends Portfolio

  • Nikol

    Nikol Portfolio Portfolio Preparation for  University

  • Pouyan

    Pouyan Portfolio Art has expanded my soul, my mind, and my world I learned extremely well how to use pastel, I learned oil painting, I learned some sketching, and other fun ways we did art. Now when I do the same thing with the scribbled page, I find a whole world of fantasy. It’s like I was […]

  • Elena Portfolio

    Elena Portfolio In each class with Dawn, I learn something new and interesting.

  • Gazal

    Ghazal Portfolio Art is what I do. It’s what I’m good at, and just simply what I love. I started art not knowing even how to draw a simple tree. But now I reach a point that I discovered art doesn’t need talent all it needs is love and potential. And I think that’s what I have. […]

  • M.Salout


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Semi-Private Lessons


12 sessions

2 Hours - Up to 4 Student in Each Class in a same group of age.

Private Lessons


12 Sessions

2 Hours One To One -Customized program for each student.



16 Sessions

You will be guided step by step to build your portfolio while you are learning all necessary methods of representing your artistic vision