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  • Nikol

    Nikol Portfolio Portfolio Preparation for  University

  • Pouyan

    Pouyan Portfolio Art has expanded my soul, my mind, and my world I learned extremely well how to use pastel, I learned oil painting, I learned some sketching, and other fun ways we did art. Now when I do the same thing with the scribbled page, I find a whole world of fantasy. It’s like I was […]

  • Elena Portfolio

    Elena Portfolio In each class with Dawn, I learn something new and interesting.

  • Gazal

    Ghazal Portfolio Art is what I do. It’s what I’m good at, and just simply what I love. I started art not knowing even how to draw a simple tree. But now I reach a point that I discovered art doesn’t need talent all it needs is love and potential. And I think that’s what I have. […]

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